These are the boots you’re going to be wearing this winter

Yes Christmas is all about the sparkle, but its also all about the cosy too. Hello hiking boot, the shoe trend that we first spotted at Fashion Week on our favourite influencers, has finally hit the high street and we are here for it.

Hiking, snow, bovver – whatever you want to call them, the chunky winter boot is everywhere right now. First spotted at Fashion Week on our favourite influencers, not only is this trend super cool and practical, it’s also just hit the high street and we can’t help but get on board.

So, what makes a hiking boot the standout style of the season? Well, it’s fair to say that we’re all craving a bit of cosy after Christmas and this style totally ticks all the boxes: rubber soles, super-soft shearling for warm toes, toggles, contrasting stitching and the traditional striped laces to really nail the Scandi vibes. Plus, with a chunky tread, you won’t be slipping over in the snow once the white stuff falls. We’ve all been there, right?

We’ll be wearing ours with everything from leather leggings like this, floral-print dresses (a la the #GanniGirls) like this and denim jeans with a kick-boot flare just finishes just above the ankle, like this. For extra style points, hit full hygee highs with an oversized Scandi sweater and cashmere leggings. Then hunker down!

From waterproof styles at Sorel to padded cuffs at Ganni, there’s options galore on the high street. Here’s our edit for the hikers at heart…

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